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Savage Races

If you are new to OCR I would suggest starting with a Savage Race. Savage Race obstacles are easier and more about having fun. A Spartan Race obstacle is more like carry this bucket of gravel up a hill, where a Savage Race obstacle is climb up this platform and go down a water slide into a pool. Both series can be as hard as you make them, but I feel the Spartan Races are designed to push your limits more. To make the Savage Races more challenging I typically run 2 laps back to back.

Savage Races come in two flavors, the Savage Blitz and the Savage Race. The different race types are detailed below.

Savage Blitz
3+ Miles
15-20 Obstacles
Savage Race
5-7 Miles
27+ Obstacles
Muliti Lap Savage Race
10-14 Miles
54+ Obstacles


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