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Pennsylvania 2018

Albrightsville, PA - 06/23/18

This is Savage Race is located at a really nice paintball course. If it wasn't so far away I would love to come play here. For no real reason I decided that for lap 1 I was going to really go for it and see how fast I could run the course. The plan was to get there early and run in the first open wave after the pro waves in an attempt to limit course traffic. When I woke up, it was pouring so I wasn't in any rush to get the course. Went back to sleep for an hour. By the time I got there they were 2-3 waves in so that still wasn't bad. Out of the gate in my wave 4 of us took off. The 2 leaders quickly disappeared into the distance. The 3rd younger looking guy gassed out about 3/4 of mile in. He stopped running to take a break and I never saw him again. Not sure how or where I passed the leaders, but all of a sudden one of them goes flying past me. That began our serval mile battle for first. The guy was much faster than I was in the flatter areas, but I seemed to do better in the more off road areas and in traffic. So he would speed off and slowly I would catch up and pass him. This went on till about mile 4 or 5 when I would pass him for the last time. Maybe he just ran out of gas or got caught up in traffic. Either way it was really exciting battling back and forth. I was hoping to make the top 10 in the open and top 3 in my age group, but I feel a little short and places 18th overall and 4 in my age group. Not bad, but not a lot better than I do when I just jog the whole thing. In my pursuit of speed during lap one, I did manage to fail two obstacles, the rock wall and holy sheet. Second lap I was 100% complete. I still liked pushing the pace and think I will continue to do so on the shorter races. If I can sum up this race in a few words it would be "exciting".

As always, Friday night I camped at Walmart. This Walmart was way up ontop of a huge hill, which made for some nice views. Redbox movie selection was The Hurricane Heist. Not a great movie, but not bad either. It had Ryan Kwanten, Jason Stackhouse from the True Blood series, and I like him as an actor so that helped. Watched about 1/2 through Friday night and the rest in the morning before the race.

After the race I drove home.

Race Times
Category First Name Last Name Age Gender Overall Division In Age Group Time
Pro 100%
Fastest Male Pro 100% Yuri Force   M 1 1   42:50
Fastest Female Pro 100% Gabrielle Desy   F 24 1   1:03:20
Fastest Male Pro Daniel Essex   M 1 1   58:12
Fastest Female Pro Karrie Sinks   F 10 1   1:22:28
Fastest Male Open Mike Santivasci   M 2 1   42:05
Fastest Female Open Kristie Tertel   F 1 1   40:57
My time Open Lap 1 Mark Koch 40 M 18 4   1:08:02
My time Open Lap 2 Mark Koch 40 M 141 20   1:33:29
Race Times
Category Time
Pro 100%
Fastest Male Pro 100% 42:50
Fastest Female Pro 100% 1:03:20
Fastest Male Pro 58:12
Fastest Female Pro 1:22:28
Fastest Male Open 42:05
Fastest Female Open 40:57
My time Open Lap1 1:08:02
My Open Lap2 1:33:29

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