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Maryland Spring

Kennedyville, MD - 05/05/18

My first Savage Race of the year and back at the only location I have ever done a Savage Race at. Not sure why type of fertilizer this farm uses but it smells like sh!t every time. Savage Races are just plain fun and to me a lot easier than the Spartan series. Both laps I completed 100% of the obstacles. To make it more of a challenge I run 2 laps. Nice thing is the Savage folks don't track or care when your assigned heat is scheduled. This is perfect because I can just show up whenever, run a lap and get back in line. The got some new obstacles this year, nothing hard, but change is good. This location just happens to be pretty close to home, so the drive was super easy. If I can sum up this weekend in a few words it would be "super fun".

Friday night I camped at my favorite spot, Walmart. Redbox movie selection was Deep Blue Sea 2. I liked the first one, but figured part 2 was going to be bad considering I am pretty sure it was a strait to DVD movie. Not a great movie, but for 2 bucks it wasn't bad. There was a Longhorn steak house next to Walmart so I treated myself to a steak dinner. No camping Saturday night. After the race I packed up and drove home. The Savage Race will be back at this location in the Fall.

Race Times
Category First Name Last Name Age Gender Overall Division In Age Group Time
Pro 100%
Fastest Male Pro 100% Ryan Woods   M 1 1   47:05
Fastest Female Pro 100% Rachel Corigliano   F 21 1   59:49
Fastest Male Pro Marc Alberto   M 1 1   1:08:51
Fastest Female Pro Kerry Arbutina   F 5 1   1:21:14
Fastest Male Open Oliver Leineman   M 1 1   1:06:06
Fastest Female Open Erin Eshelman   F 1 1   1:29:17
My time Open Lap 1 Mark Koch 40 M 25 3   1:23:30
My time Open Lap 2 Mark Koch 40 M 68 7   1:31:47
Race Times
Category Time
Pro 100%
Fastest Male Pro 100% 47:05
Fastest Female Pro 100% 59:49
Fastest Male Pro 1:08:51
Fastest Female Pro 1:21:14
Fastest Male Open 1:06:06
Fastest Female Open 1:29:17
My time Open Lap1 1:23:30
My Open Lap2 1:31:47

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Race Photos

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