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Citi Field Stadium Sprint

Citi Field, New York NY - 04/21/18

The drive to NYC was bad. Hit a bunch of traffic and pulling an RV threw NYC in traffic isn't much fun. Thankfully driving like an asshole is expected. Not too many lifted trucks in NYC so people tended to get out of my way when I just starting coming over if I needed to change lanes. If I can sum up this weekend in one word it would be "strange".

So this was my first stadium sprint and probably my last. Not that it was bad it was just a little weird. They didn’t have many of the traditional Spartan obstacles which was disappointing. Instead they had some weird ones like ride a stationary bike until you burn 10 calories. We also did really run on the field. Best they did was a lap around the warning track of the field. Most of the race was running through a maze of hallways in the stadium, along with a lot of running up and down the stairs, bleachers, and stadium ramps. Sometimes I wasn’t really even sure if what I was doing was considered an obstacle or not. There were also so many chock points, it was very hard to get around all the walkers. It if wasn’t for the fact we went up and down so many stairs the race would have been way to easy. All the steps were good practice for the Mountain Creek Ski Resort Beast run the following weekend. I would another stadium sprint if it was local, just wouldn’t drive very far to get to one.

The hardest obstacle may have been shoehorning the truck threw the front gate at the staduium. Even with both mirrors folded in I only have a inch or two to spare on both sides. Thankfully the RV is narrower than the truck. Has soon as I got threw someone came running over asking why I am trying to park and RV in here. Becuase the parking people pointed me this way. Had to make a uturn and go back through the super narrow entrance. Bus lot was much nicer anyway. It was neat parking so close to the stadium.

Friday night I camped at my favorite spot, Walmart. The only thing memorable about this Walmart was the that it was preety busy all through the night.

Views at the race and stadium were nice.

Race Times
Category First Name Last Name Age Gender Overall In Gender In Age Group Time
Fastest Male Elite Brakken Kraker 30 M 1 1 1 30:18
Fastest Female Elite Orla Walsh 32 F 28 1 1 37:27
Age Group
Fastest Male Age Group Shane Leighton 31 M 1 1 1 36:33
Fastest Female Age Group Kara Pezzuti 25 F 66 1 1 45:52
Fastest Male Open Brandon Bonine 32 M 1 1 1 39:14
Fastest Female Open Lauren Bastardi 33 F 2 1 1 40:26
My time Open Mark Koch 40 M 99 95 11 51:25
Race Times
Category Time
Fastest Male Elite 30:18
Fastest Female Elite 37:27
Age Group
Fastest Male Age Group 36:33
Fastest Female Age Group 45:52
Fastest Male Open 39:14
Fastest Female Open 40:26
My time Open 51:25

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