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Charlotte 2018

Charlotte, NC - 05/19/18

Savage Race number 2 of the year and the first time I have been to one outside of MD. Almost didn't go, they were calling for bad thunderstorms all weekend. I was in NC the week before for a Spartan race and didn't really want to make the drive back down it the weather was going to be horrible. The drive down was bad and it rained a lot. A few times it was raining so hard you could hardly see the road. Glad I went, Saturday morning turned out to be perfect. The rain must have scared away a lot of racers because overall the attendance seemed pretty low. Recognized a few racers from the Spartan Race the prior weekend. The course wasn't crowded at all and there were no lines for any of the obstacles. The only downside to some of the Savage obstacles are the lines. Per usual I did 2 laps. First lap felt great. Second lap I got some horrible leg cramps at the end. Must not have hydrated enough the day before. Luckily it was toward the end and I didn't have any obstacles left that really needed leg strength. There was no chance I was jumping or carrying anything heavy. Limping across the finish line, I was happy to be done. Both laps I completed 100% of the obstacles. If I can sum up this weekend in a few words it would be "not crowded".

Friday night I camped at my favorite spot, Walmart. Redbox movie selection was Den of thieves. Pretty good movie. Feel asleep about 1/2 through, but watched the rest saturday morning before the race.

After the race I drove home a few hours and found a Walmart in VA to camp at. They are all starting to look the same, but I think I may have stayed at this one before. Redbox movie selection was The Lego Ninjago Movie. These Lego movies are just good. I really like how they blend real people into the Lego Story. Ninjago might not have been as good as The Lego Movie, but I still really enjoyed it.

The strangest thing happened around 8pm. I get a knock on the RV door. I was fully expecting it to be a Walmart employee telling me I couldn’t camp there, but it was some guy begging for money. Nila is not a fan of people knocking on the house door, so a knock at the RV door really set her off. As this guy is giving me is sad story I am doing my best to keep Nila from getting by me and attacking this guy. Finally told him to hold on and I came outside. After listening to his story, I gave him 5 bucks to go away. Totally missed my chance to be like "Dude, If I had any money I wouldn't be living in an RV in a Walmart parking lot". Ended up buying a lot of groceries while at this Walmart. I assume the reason they allow RV parking is because they know you are going to buy something. In this case I bought a lot, well played Walmart, well played.

Race Times
Category First Name Last Name Age Gender Overall Division In Age Group Time
Pro 100%
Fastest Male Pro 100% Yuri Force   M 1 1   46:05
Fastest Female Pro 100% Jennifer Walters   F 39 1   1:24:59
Fastest Male Pro Louie Salutare   M 1 1   1:06:45
Fastest Female Pro Gwenn Case   F 12 1   1:25:22
Fastest Male Open Michael Gant   M 1 1   1:01:52
Fastest Female Open Heather Charleton   F 17 1   1:18:40
My time Open Lap 1 Mark Koch 40 M 23 4   1:20:15
My time Open Lap 2 Mark Koch 40 M 87 18   1:30:21
Race Times
Category Time
Pro 100%
Fastest Male Pro 100% 46:05
Fastest Female Pro 100% 1:24:59
Fastest Male Pro 1:06:45
Fastest Female Pro 1:25:22
Fastest Male Open 1:01:52
Fastest Female Open 1:18:40
My time Open Lap1 1:20:15
My Open Lap2 1:30:21

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